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bloody genius

I don't know what else I can say, this is fucking hilarious, this is like fucking a dragon in a hot tub with a chain male condom on a friday


OH MY FUCK! Nothing compares to that sound effect "fuck I'm allergic!", at least you can use an epipen, but nothing is going to take the pain away from hundreds of bee stings on your swollen dick.

brush ya toofers!

I thought this was great, the story was cool so it kind of canceled out the rough animation for me, anyways hilarious, everyone should just remember to brush and floss and you wont have to worry about situations like this

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another hit

I wish there was some kind of genre for music like this 8 bit techno or something

wish I could rate higher than 10!

this is crazy good, this should be converted into a dubstep song or something, you did an awesome job on this, the way you changed beats up and everything, the melody is great to, its like sonic on a coke binge

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this fits perfectly with a graphic novel I'm writing, beautiful piece, this inspires me

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Rampant responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad my music inspires you; shows I'm doing my job as a composer properly, then :D

- James

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god damn

Harley never looked so sexy, great idea

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you are god...or something like him

I'd love too see you do a version of captain crunch or something like that, your style is unbelievable, I love how you do the retro cartoons, I grew up on all those shows, I hope to see more from you

what was in this shit?

you've perfected the weed style, craziness, love all your work

I'm an artist. Realism isn't really my strong suit, so I tend not to wear it. I like bright colours, blood, cute stuff, guts with a little blood, some more cute stuff, maybe with a little blood on the side...you kinda get the point. Just beeee yourself ;D

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